5000 AerGlo Units Arrive in US

5000 AerGlo Units Arrive in US

July 12, 2017

5000 AerGlo Units

Assembly is Underway

After two years of continuous engineering and development, AerGlo is starting to roll off the production line here in the USA. AerGlo is the world's first magnetic car sign powered by sun and wind. Just attach AerGlo and drive.

Due to tech advances, this amazing sign turns on at 14 MPH and glows for up to 6 hours.

Perfect for pizza deliveries, small businesses, real estate agents and more.

Rule the Day. Own the Night with AerGlo.

Ready to Light up Your Business. Give AerGlo a try.

Risk Free Trial. If you are not 100% satisfied return the units in the original carton for a full refund.

Jay Montgomery (sales manager) and Jon Hurd (senior engineer)

AerGlo turbines on the assembly block at our plant in Mt Sterling KY

In the photos above the AerGlo engineering and QA team review assembly procedures in the clean room at our partner, Gateway Manufacturing in Mt Sterling, KY


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